Covering the Course Costs

The 360° Mining Course is packed with learning opportunities.

Mining Course Costs

Lifelong Learning

It is generally recognized that continuing education and professional development are lifelong activities. They improve your opportunities in the mining industry and they improve the industry as a whole.

Those in mining should consider spending a minimum of $1,000 on professional development per year. Many larger employers in mining spend more than 5x that on their key staff.

Although you may not be educating yourself, there is a good chance your colleagues are, and that may open career opportunities for them rather than you. You don’t want to be left behind.

Your Current Employer Pays

Your best option. Most employees have their employers pay for their professional development. Discuss this with your employer. Mining’s largest employers may cover several thousand dollars per year per employee, but may not promote it.

Depending on where you live, the fees may be tax deductible for your employer. The fees may also be a tax free benefit to yourself. There may be limits on the amount for your employer, so have them check their corporate tax guide.

You Pay as an Employee

A good option. If your employer will not cover the cost of the course, then investigate tax credits and deductions that may come to you as a result of the employer endorsing that the course is related to your employment. Your employer may have to write something on letterhead to support your personal tax filing. Investigate your local personal income tax guide for education related tax credits and deductions.

You Pay as an Individual

The last option. If you are not employed, or generally you just like operating on your own, there may be tax deductions and credits available to you for professional development. If you are a member of a professional association, you may be able to deduct the costs because the courses are required for your professional status. Search for education and member fee information in your personal income tax guide.

You Should Know This

Even if you cannot find a tax efficiency, the benefits of continuing education are significant and we still encourage you to take one or more courses on EduMine per year. Consider the return on the investment you may find through educating yourself – it may come in compensation, promotions, opportunities and more.